25th Congress of the European Association for Cranio Maxillo Facial Surgery
14-16 July 2021 - VIRTUAL EVENT

Presentation Recording

Information for speakers:

To avoid possible incidents, some of the presentations will be previously recorded through an application that can be downloaded below and will be saved on the congress platform until the moment of your intervention.

However, the entire session will take place live on the detailed day and time, (only its recording will be exposed at the time of your presentation), and therefore it must be connected 30 min before the beginning of the session to have a first contact with the rest of the speakers at the table and with the computer technicians to ensure proper functioning and review the dynamics of the session.

From the technical secretariat you will receive an official communication with the details of your intervention and with the specific instructions to make the recording and the connection link the days before.

Recordings must be uploaded no later than Friday June 25th 2021