27th Congress of the European Association for Cranio Maxillo Facial Surgery

Abstract Submission



Please follow the instructions given on-line, otherwise your abstract cannot be selected for review.

A summary of the guidelines is as follows:

  • The abstract language is English.
  • The text should be not more than 400 words.
  • Diagrams, tables and pictures should not appear in abstracts, only text.
  • The abstract must consist of four paragraphs labelled: Objectives, Materials and Methods, Results and Conclusion.
  • Submission categories:
    • Aesthetic Surgery
    • Ante-natal diagnosis, embryology and surgery of the craniofacial and cleft malformations
    • Cancer biology and epidemiology
    • Facial reconstructive surgery
    • Medical related osteonecrosis of the jaws
    • New technologies / Robotics / Artificial intelligence
    • Obstructive sleep apnea
    • Oral surgery / Dentoalveolar/ Implantology
    • Orbital pathology and surgery
    • Orthognathic surgery
    • Pathology / Benign lesions of the facial bones / Salivary glands
    • Pediatric surgery
    • Regeneration / Tissue engineering / Cell therapy
    • Skin tumors of head neck region
    • Skull base surgery
    • Surgical oncology and reconstruction
    • TMJ pathology and surgery / facial pain
    • Trauma / Infection
    • Miscellaneous
  • Presentation types:
    • Oral
    • Poster (electronic poster)

Since the abstracts will be judged anonymously, the text should not reveal the institutional affiliation or any of the researchers.

Do not write all the text in CAPITAL LETTERS.

The text and the title should be free from abbreviations, except those commonly used. It should concisely address the problem and the purpose of the study.

The following structure is mandatory:

  • Title: Minimum 3 words / no maximum
  • Keywords: minimum 3 / maximum 7 keywords – chose these so that people can identify your abstract on an electronic search using these words as search terms.
  • Abstract: maximum 400 words in total. All sections are mandatory.
    • Objectives: What is the research question your study aims to answer?
    • Materals and Methods: Outline how the study was conducted.
    • Results: The main findings with numerical data and statistical significance.
    • Conclusion: Discuss your results, briefly describe the principal conclusions drawn from the study.